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Burners of 2022 - A book painted at Burning Man

  Those of you who were at Burning Man 2022 probably remember how rough it was. Hot. Dusty. Even for Burners like me, who thought 15 years of Burning Man experience would somehow keep me safe. The theme for 2022 was "Waking Dreams," and I was excited to create & walk away with a 'dream journal' of the event!   (Live-painting art structure "Disturb My Slumber" the day before it burned) I painted a lot of Burners this year. I have been painting Burners at every Burn since 2017, and it's so much fun -- I get to closely observe their mode of expression: What outfits do they wear? What actions are they doing? What's their body language? Burners are some of the most creative people that...

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Digitally-Painting Inside the Burning Man 2020 Multiverse!

This year since Burning Man is virtual and online, I decided to continue to document my Burning Man experience with live paintings. My Soul Journal project always gets me to explore many more areas of Burning Man, and this year was no different! I used different sized computer screens, laptops, mobile devices, and VR to experience the 8 different Multiverses. Instead of watercolors like on the analog world, I decided to use digital paints (using the iPad and Procreate app) to document these digital experiences! It was amusing to meet and interact with many different Burners throughout the week. I have yet to document the night of the Man Burn and Temple Burn, though you can be sure I will update this...

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The Black Lives Movement - Summer of 2020

Painted at Mission Police Station, San Francisco, during early June BLM protests.   The summer of 2020 began with massive protests throughout the United States and across the world. Recent high-profile killings of Black Americans at the hands of police, including George Floyd, reignited a movement that not only brought to light the problems within domestic police forces, but also the systematic racism. Painted at Dolores Park, San Francisco, during early June BLM protests.   I have been navigating these protests to depict the humanities within these protests through paintings of the individuals. I document each scene with a travel watercolor kit and travel journal. As events unfold, I will continue to paint throughout Bay Area protests.    Painted outside of San Francisco City Hall...

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