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Event Live-Painting

Life's most valuable moments happen only once. Create a special way to remember!

Edi Hsu Live Painting Wedding Vendor

A Live-Painted Wedding from 2015 in Sacramento, CA


Turn your special day into full-color storybooks, live-painted on-location, with digital paint or watercolor. Each painting is filled with your guests in their best outfits, filled with vibrancy, activity, lighting, and ambiance. 

Paintings are a colorful and expressive way to experience our world. 

Find out how you can customize special artwork made specifically for your event. Upcoming weekends are currently being booked, so reserve your date now. Contact to find out more


Wedding in Carmel Valley, CA 2021 ( view fullscreen )

Wedding Live Painting Vendor

A Live-Painted Wedding in San Jose, CA 2019

Live Painting Wedding Vendor
Live Painting Wedding Vendor

Live Painting Wedding Vendor

A Live-Painted Wedding in Ithaca, NY 2019


Edi Hsu Engagement Banquet Live Painting Vendor

A Live-Painted Engagement Dinner Reception in Woodside, CA 2021

Some moments can be captured in a single painting. Some events can only be recreated as an entire storybook.

With my book-creation platform, you can create individualized storybooks to give to guests, friends, and family. With the larger paintings on the wall, these unique illustrated storybooks can be passed down generation to generation.


Live Painting How Weird Street Faire SF Vendor

Street faire in San Francisco, CA (Digital)


Any event, any location, around the world!

Grand Openings
Private Events
Whatever you've wanted!



🖋 Design your very own live-painting experience today!

Also : Put your guests front & center at your event with Live Fashion Sketches ! 


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