Fashion Sketches for Live Events

Edi Hsu Holiday Party Live Painter Vendor
Edi Hsu Live Painter Vendor Holiday Party
Edi Hsu Holiday Party Live Painting Vendor
Live-paintings from Particle Holiday Party 2019, San Francisco, CA 

Outfits // Fashion // Costumes 

Something special for your guests ! 

In place of traditional facial caricatures, give your family & guests something special to take home : their full-outfits live-painted as fashion sketches at your event. Classy and not-comical, guests will appreciate how these capture a moment in their best outfits.
Digital and Watercolor options available!


Digital Fashion Sketches

Your guests will be able to see their Fashion Sketches being created LIVE on a large screen or projector! Afterwards they can have a choice of taking a special print home from the event. Paintings can be customized with your event or company logo.


Live Painting Fashion Sketch Caricature Event Vendor
Live-Painted Fashion Sketches at a company holiday party in Sonoma, CA 2019
Edi Hsu Live Painting How Weird Street Faire SF Vendor

Painted live at How Weird Festival in San Francisco, CA

One7 Gallery Fashion Sketch Live Event Illustration Painting Vendor SF 2019

Live-painting guests at an art opening at One7 Gallery in San Francisco, CA

Turf Inc Edi Hsu Live Painting

Painting live-dancers (Digital) at a Turf Inc event, Westfield San Francisco Centre 


Watercolor Fashion Sketches

Offer unique traditional one-of-a-kind watercolor Fashion Sketches for your guests too! Painted LIVE at the event. These original paintings will be a special keepsakes from your event.

Fashion Sketch Live Event Illustration Painting Vendor How Weird SF 2017

 Fashion Sketch Live Event Illustration Painting Vendor How Weird SF 2017

Magicarp Fashion Sketch Live Event Illustration Painting Vendor How Weird SF 2017 Costume Painting at How Weird Street Faire 2017 San Francisco, CA Wormhole Wednesday Fashion Sketch Live Event Illustration Painting Vendor Oakland 2018

Live-Painted at New Parish in Oakland, CA


Any event, any location, around the world!
Grand Openings
Private Events
Whatever you've wanted!


 City of Sacramento - Midtown Events Organizer:

 "Edi's live fashion illustrations were a fun addition to our annual event. We promoted his live art as an interactive experience for our VIP guests. They enjoyed being part of an arts experience and receiving a keepsake print. I would definitely recommend Edi for any event needing a unique, artistic, interactive live experience!"



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