Painting the World from Life.

The world is so vast and complex. I am inspired by the diversity of people in different lands and cultures. Every person is unique. Not only is individuality portrayed through one's body gestures and outfits, but it’s also in the air around them. Their auras.

I enjoy engaging with the world directly. This is why I carry my studio wherever I go in my pocket, so I can create and paint from life in travel journals that I call "Soul Journals."

All the watercolors in my Soul Journals are of real people, and real places, painted within the moments of a fleeting encounter. Pen and watercolor are the fastest mediums possible for me to capture full-color imagery during my travels. 

In the near future, I will post a blog that shares details of these journeys, my process of creation, and to announce my new artwork and new books. For updates, please subscribe to my newsletter.