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Burning Man 2019 - Here We Go!!!

This will be my TWELTH straight time going to Burning Man, THIRD time in cooperation with the BM Org to paint another watercolor book documenting the experience of Burning Man! My first year of this project (BM 2017) focused on painting as many individuals as possible, along with several of the key Burn moments such as the Man Burn and Temple Burn. For my second year of this project (BM 2018), I continued painting people, and shifted additional focus to the large Burning Art at BM, capturing the before and during-the-burn moments. This year (BM 2019) I am focusing on the different theme camps and the communities. I will also again paint some of the large Burns, the Man Burn and Temple...

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Subways of NYC

One of the best public transportation systems in the world. One of the busiest too! So many people to paint.   I used an unlimited Metrocard during my entire trip to access the entirety of NYC, which meant I went pretty much everywhere via subway. Very convenient!

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New York City - Here I Come!

I'm about to arrive in NYC to paint the variety of communities that make up the cultural identity of the city. Each person will be painted individually with watercolor, one at a time.

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