New York City - Here I Come!

I'm excited to announce my arrival in New York City from 6/24 to 7/7. I've always wanted to publish a book about this truly unique city. Signed and numbered preorders of this book will be available for a limited time.

Soul Journal - New York City - Independence book

(a render of the upcoming book - click above image to go to the book preorder page)

I've travelled to NYC before for many different reasons, but when I began my Soul Journal project several years ago I attempted to paint my personal experiences in the city. It was my first time painting my entire NYC experience, all the paintings done from life. I had never noticed the sheer variety of people before, and vowed to return to create a worthy book.
NYC Subway
(a 2010 watercolor I painted in the New York City 34th street subway station)
Now many years later, I'm ready and returning to paint a Soul Journal dedicated to the city and its people.
A little about my Soul Journal project: The focus is to showcase communities & cultures in different places throughout the world. I do this by painting not only architecture and skylines, but of the individual people - one at a time. The finished book containing these people form a collective identity of the city, town, or region that I travel through. All the paintings are done from life, of real people and of real places.