Support my Indiegogo campaign: A Soul Journal about the COVID-19 Pandemic

In light of everything that’s been going on, I started a new project documenting the pandemic’s effects on my local community. The result will be a watercolor Soul Journal dedicated to these current moments in history.

In order to publish this book, I’ll need your help. Pledge some money on my Indiegogo campaign — you can even preorder the book on the site. Also, please share this project with others!

* 10% of all contributions will go to Global Giving's Corona Relief Fund, a charitable organization helping vulnerable communities with long-term relief and recovery during this crisis. I will donate these funds no matter or not I reach my final campaign goal.

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* Full disclosure: This project will be ONLY created while running essential errands alone or with family, such as during grocery shopping or getting gas. I am able to paint people from a very far distance - sometimes up to a several hundred feet away, and will often remain within a vehicle.

The process of creation will be backed by photo/video/and time-lapse recordings.