Digitally-Painting Inside the Burning Man 2020 Multiverse!

This year since Burning Man is virtual and online, I decided to continue to document my Burning Man experience with live paintings.

My Soul Journal project always gets me to explore many more areas of Burning Man, and this year was no different! I used different sized computer screens, laptops, mobile devices, and VR to experience the 8 different Multiverses.

Edi Hsu painting Burning Man 2020 in VR

Instead of watercolors like on the analog world, I decided to use digital paints (using the iPad and Procreate app) to document these digital experiences!

Edi Hsu painting BM 2020

Edi Hsu painting Burning Man 2020

It was amusing to meet and interact with many different Burners throughout the week. I have yet to document the night of the Man Burn and Temple Burn, though you can be sure I will update this blog when I do.

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